Setting up such hospitals in various Uzbek cities is not only a profitable idea; it is also a pioneering area to serve the interests of Uzbek people many of whom are crowding the Uzbek airline flights everyday to come to India for treatment. The allied industry to healthcare would pharmaceutical industry which would be engaged in setting up medicine factories across Uzbekistan.

9. Politically, Uzbekistan provides a stable regime with conspicuous desire to develop relations with India. The amount of good will enjoyed by India across the length and breadth of Uzbekistan is demonstrative of the fact that there is genuine willingness among the Uzbek population to befriend India and come closer to one another. Some measures have to be taken to harness this goodwill for mutual benefit.

10. There are several beautiful mountainous and desert locales across Uzbekistan. Their scenic ambience is suitable for film shooting. Given that Bollywood enjoys paramount popularity among the Central Asian population in general and Uzbek people in particular, there is an open window of opportunities in this sector for cooperation.

11. If India can import dry fruits from Afghanistan can Uzbekistan be far behind? The juicy Uzbek fruits provide a chance for setting up jelly-jam-juice factories across Uzbekistan. The Russian industry is currently dominating in this area and India has to compete with the Russians.

12. Cotton is the cash crop of Uzbekistan and the country is famous for cotton production. Through the traditional Silk Road, cotton and silk travelled to Europe via roads through Uzbekistan. India being a major textile production centre in the world must explore all possibilities of cooperation. There may be initial hick-ups, but the tangibility of cooperation in this area cannot be ignored.