These populations provide a great market opportunity for sale. If one consumer would buy one cotton shirt, there is a need for 30 million shirts- a big textile market that India can capture. The same logic could be applied for a whole range of apparel including leather garments and winter wears and shoes. In this case India has to compete with China. But India has a fair chance to compete.

5. Uzbekistan has plenty of oil and natural gas. Untouched in the Soviet era and exploited in post-Soviet years, oil and gas are the cynosure of all eyes. Pipelines are being laid in various directions to join Uzbekistan with South Asian countries. The need for pipeline connectivity and transportation corridors provides a tangible source of cooperation and synergy in the energy sector. India stands a fair chance in this area for mutual betterment of Indo-Uzbek ties in the energy sector.

6. Uzbekistan has Uranium reserves too. A non-nuclear power that pursues peaceful foreign policy, Uzbekistan however would be allowed to sell raw Uranium to established nuclear powers including India for processing raw Uranium. The Americans have a set up extraction facilities in Uzbekistan and India can go ahead with nuclear cooperation with Uzbekistan. India has the wherewithal and technics to help Uzbekistan in this field.

7. Two areas that single out for Indo-Uzbek synergy are education and healthcare. India can help to strengthen the cadre base of the country in various fields by providing facilities for high caliber engineers and doctors. As the country has just taken baby steps in the direction of industrialization, a lot more is ahead for cooperation in the industrial-engineering sector, including the IT sector.

8. Healthcare is essential for all. High specialty hospitals are absent in Uzbekistan.
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